About me

I was born in Graz in 1979 and got trained to become a general practitioner in Austria. In the past years I was allowed to develop and run one of the world leading health centres, the VIVAMAYR Altaussee. In October 2021, my wife and I started our own private business and office for integrative health in Salzburg. A marvellous place in the Austrian alps, between Munich and Vienna, perfect to enjoy nature and culture.

In addition to my work as a private doctor, I represent and develop the “Modern Mayr Medicine” as board-member of the international society of Mayr doctors, I train colleagues in diagnostics and therapy according to Mayr, share holistic medical concepts in lectures and consult international projects.

About fegerl med

We all deserve physical and mental health in our lifetime. In order to achieve this, it is nowadays very often unfortunately necessary to initiate changes of lifestyle. My team and I will guide you there. Support you in your independence and decision-making power on the way to increase well-being and joy.

I do fusion holistic and university medicine in the interest of my client´s health. Aiming to choose the right tool, in the right dosage, at the right time. For them to achieve a state of regulation, in which they no longer just react but can balance and experience personal freedom.

Why taking care of the »gut«

Dr. F.X.Mayr and his students, made us understand the gut as to be the source of health OR root of disease. This estimation of the past is now constantly proven by modern science and current medical discoveries to be correct and relevant.

With the fundamental therapeutic tools of cleaning the body, protection of the personal integrity, substitution of the necessary and individual training to sustain, everyone can start a journey back to health. Pleasurably increasing self-awareness and self-confidence.

Medical in-house services:

Outpatient Mayr Therapy

With the help of regular abdominal treatments, personal exchange and tailor suited therapy plans adapted to your current situation, you can take big steps towards strength, well-being and health. No matter what age or stage of life.


sluggish intestine no longer nourishes but starts to poison the body. Using this variant of intestinal cleansing, I can offer an efficient and gentle way to support regulation, recovery and health.

Orthomolecular Therapy

Lifestyle and disease can lead to deficiencies in essential nutrients. Very often one cannot compensate that any more consuming top-quality processed foods and meals. Using laboratory testing and clinical experience, leads to discover relevant deficiencies. The usage of therapeutically effective doses either of first-class dietary supplements and/or intravenous drips helps there to make the experienceable difference in therapy!

Functional Myodiagnostic

According to the state of health and reacting to specific sensory stimuli or stimulation of acupuncture points, the musculoskeletal strength changes noticeably. This is used by the functional myodiagnostic and so it becomes a valuable tool to record a current state and to weigh up therapeutic directions. It helps to reveal functional restrictions in the organs, interference fields in the body and intolerances against materials or foods.

Telemedical Consultation

Knowing about the chances and limitations of a virtual medical assessment and care, I am happy to offer this tool to interested clients. It allows an intensive exchange beyond geographical borders to provide a different point of medical view – a second opinion on a current issue – or a serious alternative advance in diagnostic or therapy.

Dr. Sepp B. Fegerl

Ordination für Darmgesundheit

Ganzheitliche Allgemeinmedizin

FX Mayr Medizin


Mirabellplatz 6, 3. Stock

5020 Salzburg, Austria


T. +43 662 877 626

E. ordination@fegerl-med.at